Such pretty words, but life's no storybook.
My new project :)

Hello tumblr followers :)

So about three months ago I slept over my best friend’s house after a crazy drunken night. I had a dream that I started a blog. It was a blog that focused on music and how it helped people get through rough patches in their life. The idea resonated with me for a while, and after many weeks of contemplating I finally gathered the courage to start it up!

The blog is called Living To Love. We all deal with our own personal struggles that make life seem horrible or make us feel worthless and not good enough. Music is our saving grace because it provides a sense of inspiration, comfort and hope in reminding us that we are not alone and we can make it through the rain. In the blog, I want people to share their stories about a band/song/album that has helped them get through their hardest moments.

The goal of the Living To Love project is to help spread positivity, happiness and love through music. Most importantly, I want this blog to be a place for people to turn to when they are looking for hope. I want to remind them that they are beautiful, are worth something and everything is going to end up great. Music can be our reminder that we are lucky to be alive and our only purpose in life should be living to love each other and loving the life we live.

Living To Love knows no genres, race, body type, gender. The music and lyrics speak for itself. I created the blog yesterday and already have 30+ followers and people I never met before sharing their stories. It’s such an incredible feeling because I feel that I am doing something great, and I hope that I can help just one person who is having a shitty day feel better about themselves.

So please follow and if you wish submit a story about a band or song that has changed your life. It’ll mean so much to me <3 


Lauren Marie